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Digital transformation in the B2B and B2C industry begins with a clear focus on:

  • Routing offline customers online
  • Building online engagement 
  • Offering your products and services
  • Boosting distributor growth
  • Working on channel partner communication with a clear digital path through your website

A website acts as a unified portal to showcase your company:

  • Its mission, vision, beliefs, and values
  • Brand proposition
  • Communicate with channel partners
  • Build an internal team, supply chain, and sales team

A strong sales team needs seamless offline and online integration in the able hands of HypeStore™ that:

  • Position your business ahead of your competition–web and mobile
  • Provides immense value through your tailored online presence – Website, social media and custom designs unique to your business
  • SEO, eCommerce, and DevOps that's focused on the growth and future of your business

Get and stay ahead with HypeStore™ website development that's:

  • Aligned to your business goals
  • Brings in your B2B and B2C customers on one platform
  • Excels in UI/UX on your website
  • Delivers outstanding user experience on the web and mobile

Benefits of investing in a website 

  • Users prefer shopping as and when they want, whether on the web or mobile
  • 50% of smartphone users are likely to use a mobile responsive company site
  • Reduced load times (by 1/10th) improved conversions by 8.4% 
  • Greater conversion leads to lesser churn
  • With control on churn, it's easier to focus on improving user experience
  • Better user experience increases CLTV, leading to profitability

HypeStore™ has been instrumental in leading UI/UX for iBall Technology with a focus on 

  • Product positioning
  • Simplistic design 
  • Easy to access product information prompts the user to make decisions and purchases. 
  • Seasonal product presentation based on user preference is also a priority.