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With 5.6% online growth in the beauty industry, your brand is poised to:

  • Get more online traffic to your online presence
  • Attract the right audience
  • Present suitable products as per their taste
  • Drive sales through various online channels

A website positions your business as:

  • Accessible and approachable
  • Easy to interact and communicate online
  • Convenience at its best for the user
  • Products & services tailored to their shopping preferences 

With HypeStore™ Services, get your website up and running:

  • With all the eCommerce tech assistance
  • UI/UX tailored to your online store needs
  • Front End Development
  • Latest web technology & eCommerce features
  • Content aligned to your goals
  • Secure web hosting
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Analytical insights for data-driven tweaks

So, you get to focus on what matters in your business and drive revenue through:

  • Regular online queries
  • Constant online support
  • Adequate sales funnel setup
  • Robust technical support
  • Secure transactions
  • Online brand building and establishing authority

Benefits of investing in a website 

  • Online sales are expected to make up 48% of all beauty sales by 2023
  • A visually eye-catching website that conveys your brand personality and value
  • A distinctive identity that uniquely positions your brand as compared to your competitors.
  • Easy to execute omnichannel strategy with a central online presence like your website
  • Encompasses global trends, your products, user demands, rapidly changing industry dynamics, all without doing a major overhaul to your website every time
  • Enables better ROI as compared to online marketing assets.
  • You own the platform as compared to other online platforms.

With Bysak, HypeStore™ created a visually appealing website that:

  • Connects with the audience with an engaging UI/UX
  • Inspires people to know more and learn about the brand and products
  • Builds trust with secure payments, and WhatsApp chat (link to WhatsApp chat service) 
  • Powered by latest eCommerce technology