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eCommerce Solutions By Industry

HypeStore is optimized for high growth D2C brands with industry specific features. 


Deliver exceptional eCommerce services for your users with HypeStore™:

  • Standout website design with a focus on UI/UX for attracting users from the $700+ 9 Billion fashion industry
  • Prompt service delivery backed with enticing offers
  • Provide loyalty schemes that bring in recurring customers
  • Automate key processes

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Tap into the growing online jewelry market poised to grow close to 300 Billion in 2025 with HypeStore™:

  • A robust online eCommerce store
  • Attract the right demographics for excellent product-market fit
  • Bring in new users with an SEO & UI/UX-focused online store.
  • Engage users actively looking to shop online jewelry
  • A mobile-optimized site that meets your user requirement
  • Seamless checkout 
  • Features to use video content, virtual try-ins, and augmented reality for an enhanced user experience

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Collate the right assortment of beauty products for your online store, so your brand gets the competitive advantage to:

  • Service $511 Billion 500+ Billion beauty industry
  • Create a perfect product page that amplifies your offering along with a great user experience
  • Tap into the micro-trends that attract users quickly
  • Increase trust with positive reviews, high-quality product photos, and quick load time
  • Build a strong sales funnel, so your users are routed to the right product pages

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Health & Nutrition

Attract your audience from the $1.5 trillion wellness market with the right mix of design, functionality, and ease of use with HypeStore™:

  • Promote top-selling offers, virtual tours, and new products seamless across your store
  • Streamline your design and messaging aligned to your audience
  • Enhance user experience with appropriate product information, filters, and prompt search access
  • Identify key metrics to grow your store and customer base based on your customer journey

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Furniture & Decor

With HypeStore™, your online furniture & decor store is ready to embrace:

  • Collaborations through integrations with other apps
  • Access to experts in setting and maintaining an eCommerce store
  • Clean design that takes the offline experience online
  • Clear categories that create an excellent user experience
  • Swift payment transactions powered by HypePay 
  • Ship to customers anywhere in the world at competitive rates with HypeShipping link

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Food & Drink

Reach out to your ideal customers with a tailored offering in your eCommerce store with HypeStore™ that:

  • Integrates excellent design and functionality 
  • Clear product attributes powered by robust search
  • Intuitive store navigation that increases traffic
  • An excellent user experience that increases repeat purchase builds customer loyalty and improves ROI

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Capitalize on the rising 129% rise in eCommerce growth by selling online with HypeStore™ that:

  • Combines expert hands-on eCommerce knowledge and expertise to showcase your products
  • Develops consistent brand image with sleek design, user-based content, and exceptional service delivery
  • Quick load times, superior functionality with state-of-the-art eCommerce technology

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