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Looking for a WooCommerce alternative?

Bespoke eCommerce services powered by HypeStore™'s APIs, pluggable ecosystem, and developer-first approach. 


"The end deliverables received positive feedback, clients and customers liked the design and the e-commerce went up beautifully. HypeStore's quick turnaround time and understanding was impressive. Hype's project management style was very timely, understanding, and communicative."

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Humans of Bombay

A. Integrated ecommerce suite

Accelerate your growth story with the first-mover advantage in your industry. Embrace the power of swift access and payment options. Build trust with transparency and data security.

Explore your options and invest in a future-ready eCommerce store with HypeStore™ at an economical cost that does not compound as you scale your online business. With WooCommerce, you spend on web hosting and upgrading your tech stack as you scale. Lack of payment integration adds to a poor customer experience on WooCommerce.

B. Universal access

Get Universal access to video-based sales applications, interactive live stream, shoppable videos, webinars, and a suite of applications for breakthrough CX (Customer Experiences)

Provide convenience for your shopper. Provide personal experiences. Ramp up these with shoppable videos, interactive live streams, and video-based applications to meet your customers. And when customers are primed to purchase, make it easy to convert with HypeMarketing 

If you're customizing the frontend, you'll spend more time sorting the countless files on WooCommerce before you get your envisioned look. And if configurations and personalized packages are a priority for your store WooCommerce isn't the best option.

C. A simple platform that's powerful, simple, and affordable

You need faster page load, quick accessibility, and easy payment options as you personalize your store. Get this and much more when HypeStore™ works with your team. Begin your eCommerce journey with this simple platform that's powerful and simple yet affordable to scale with efficiency.

Comparison between HypeStore™ with WooCommerce

HypeStore™ powered stores have no downtime. With Instant Upgrades, your resources are never idle. You pay for features that will elevate your customer experience without a pause or a break. It is easy to envision your online business and execute on the go with our expert developers.

HypeStore™ equips your business with all the necessary services as a full-service eCommerce agency. While WooCommerce requires plugins at every step as you grow, HypeStore™ provides you with the choice to upgrade to apps you need at an affordable cost.

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How WooCommerce falls short on many fronts

HypeStore™ provides free SSL & CDN, so you don't have to spend to get an SSL certificate (unlike WooCommerce) to encourage payment processing.

You could start your store with WooCommerce. But with regular plugin conflicts and breaks, you will end up with more downtime than expected. Caching issues will also slow your site down, leading to a poor user experience.

Another issue with WooCommerce is the database overload with a lot of plugins. You'll be spending a lot of time trial and error to set up an optimized site instead of generating sales, costing you money. Premium themes can attract the right audience segment getting the right traffic for conversions. HypeStore™ supports premium themes at a nominal cost or part of your package. With WooCommerce, you pay additional for premium themes.

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Benefits of Choosing HypeStore™ over WooCommerce

Capitalize on the power of HypeStore™ applications that can be put together in any configurations to create unique user experiences. Ship fast, scale fast and grow customer engagement for customer retention. Get the benefit of fast CRM, better CMS for your B2B (link to HypeB2B), or B2C.

With HypeStore™, you don't have to worry about payment compliance or payment issues. Our PCI compliance, and a network of reliable partners, give you the best shipping rates, unlike WooCommerce, which does not come with PCI-DSS compliance sending a red flag to your customers.

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