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Looking for a Shopify alternative?

With HypeStore™ you get all the eCommerce features that move and grow your business from must-have to good-to-have at a fraction of the cost—built for your customers by our industry-recognized developers.

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"HypeStore™ translated our vision fairly quickly. Our site is aesthetically pleasing and has experienced zero downtime. Once the design approvals were in place, HypeStore™ brought out the best of Shopify and other products in the market. It displayed our products in an attractive manner to increase our sales."

Shruti Kedia
Head of Marketing

Comparison between HypeStore™ and Shopify

Scale with HypeStore™ services or avail of some of our best features  from visually striking and functional storefront to seamless payment options, all at a cost that benefits you and your customer.
Shopify stores can get you started in your eCommerce journey. But scaling your business with HypeStore™ lets you achieve faster integrations, lesser costs, and better service personalized to your needs.

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How Shopify falls short on many fronts

Product listings are a smooth, systematic process with HypeStore™'s future-ready platform without going back to square one for each product listing. Listing products on Shopify take time. Customizing it for your store is a long-drawn process. And if you deal with thousands of products, that will be a time-consuming process.

Google Analytics is critical to making your store profitable with insights on customers and their interaction with your store. Hype Analytics works as a central dashboard with seamless integration with Google Analytics, making it easy to analyze and take quick action to tweak your strategy and stay ahead in the game.

Shopify integration with Google Analytics gives your limited insights. To stay on top of your business figures, you'll need to upgrade to the Shopify advanced plans that will stretch your budget.

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Benefits of Choosing HypeStore™ over Shopify

With HypeStore™'s dedicated team you're one step away from getting a prompt response to your queries. No backlog to stretch your resources thin.

HypeStore™'s robust APIs and the pluggable ecosystem will help you ship fast, scale faster, and create relationships that create raving fans of your loyal customers.

Get future-ready with HypeStore™'s applications platform that can be put together in any configuration to create unique user experiences to empower your online business.

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