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Looking for a Magento alternative?

Grow and scale your business at an economical cost without the bells and whistles.


"The end deliverables received positive feedback from third-party clients and showed more about Hype's services. Their quick turnaround time and understanding was impressive. Hype's project management style was very timely, understanding, and communicative."

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Comparison between Hypestore™ with Magento

Hypestore™ provides a seamless infrastructure that powers your business with applications that can be put together in any configurations to create unique user experiences at an inclusive economical cost. Unlike Magento, which requires deep expertise at a steep price. Hypestore™ is a simple, powerful, and affordable eCommerce platform catered to all SMEs.

How Magento falls short on many fronts

Avail of feature planning, customized features, and design with checkout features customization all in your package with Hypestore. You may get some of these features with Magento but at higher prices. Unless you get a Magento expert (more cost), you could spend much time on DIY.

Lack of credible support makes it tough to implement a seamless customer experience with Magento. Only a handful of excellent Magento experts could do the job well, making Magento a problematic experience for small businesses.

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Benefits of Choosing Hypestore™ over Magento

With Hypestore™, you have better control over your ROI with access to the best B2B customer accounts, marketing aligned to your needs, analytics with deep insights, and payments seamlessly integrated with other tools at reasonable rates for your bottom line.

Get access to all this and a team of eCommerce professionals updated with the latest technology at a cost that's easy on your pocket, unlike Magento, which is highly priced.

Pick the SEO benefits with an SEO Audit or improve your SEO game with our expertise at Hypestore™. Build traffic and control your content quality with CMS that appeals to your customer segment. Align all these to deliver an outstanding experience customized for your customers regardless of the project complexity and size.

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