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Migrate to Hype

Migrate to the easiest, most powerful and cost effect solution to run and grow your ecommerce store. 

Get Free Migration Worth $10,000  when you sign up with any plan. 

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Signs your eCommerce store is due for migration

High cost of minor and frequent maintenance fixes can be very high especially if you are running an established business with large volume of sales. Minor issues usually require quick resolution but can also cause serious disruptions in the business if not addressed immediately.

If your eCommerce site is not performing well and loading times are taking too long, chances are that there are several issues affecting the performance of your website as well as its overall user experience. This will also have an impact on conversion rate as well. Thus leading to poor user experience with slow loading time and complicated checkout process.

Irregular product attribute configurations, security breaches, poor SEO performance, and UX design imbalance also affect content delivery and eCommerce site performance.


When you typically dive into eCommerce migration, avoid these pitfalls:

  • Trying to do it all by yourself without professional help
  • Cutting corners that impacts your long-term growth plans
  • Overlooking priority security issues with cookie-cutter techniques
  • Ignoring user experience without a UI/UX approach
  • Absence of customer support in case of migration loopholes
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Hype Migration brings together the best of professional expertise and hands-on knowledge at a fraction of the market cost with:

  • A clear roadmap for migration
  • Mapping your content, SEO, and UI/UX for superior user experience
  • Integration with other must-have and miscellaneous eCommerce tools
  • Priority testing for crucial web pages
  • Seamless website navigation
  • Prompt product search and access
  • Fast checkout process
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Simple & Effective

Easiest Way To Grow Your eCommerce Store

Migrate from Shopify

Launch or migrate to a beautiful & fast storefront with powerful features and expert ecommerce services. Enable a no-compromise ecommerce experience for your brand.

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Migrate from WooCoomerce

Bespoke eCommerce services powered by HypeStore™'s APIs, pluggable ecosystem, and developer-first approach.

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Migrate from Magento

Get all the eCommerce features that move and grow your business from must-have to good-to-have at a fraction of the cost—built for your customers by our industry-recognized developers.

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Migration done right can effectively improve your store performance in case of:

  • Peak traffic from new collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Aligns your migration strategy to your long-term business goals
  • Enhances user experience leading to recurring traffic
  • It makes it easy to access and browse your store for quick-decision making, prompting repeat users on your site.
  • Personalizing offers for loyal customers is a plus since 44% of users will become repeat buyers.
  • 77% of users pay more for a brand that delivers personalized services
  • Elevate your brand experience for your recurring customers, increasing CLTV lowering CAC
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Transition your offline store to online business with migration that:

  • Empowers your offline business with an online presence
  • Engages your online customers with a robust online best-in-class eCommerce store
  • Delivers outstanding customer service without interruptions
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