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Beautiful Themes

A powerful User Experience Theme brings together the best of design, branding, user experience, and utility for an unmatched experience on your eCommerce platform where:

  • The user-centered design gets to the root of the problem (user requirement)
  • The branding creates familiarity
  • The user experiences (perceives) the design and branding across the customer journey.
  • The utility bridges the gap between aesthetics, accessibility, and functionality.

Creating a world-class eCommerce UX for your website for an outstanding user experience that drives growth through:

  • Meaningful experiences
  • Positive outcome
  • High retention
  • Repeat customers
  • Lower CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

So you spend less time searching for the best design suitable to your audience and more selling online when we partner together to get the best HypeStore™ services for you.

  • Beautiful eCommerce experiences
  • The award-winning team that puts your user at the core
  • Requirement gathering and prototyping for an outstanding look
  • Aesthetically pleasing plug and play user experience themes
  • Easy to sell and convert users

HypeStore™ Themes cater to different industries in the eCommerce business all while navigating the user journey:

  • Building engagement and product customization for Nasher Miles
  • Helping users trace their love for food in Epigamia Kitchen
  • Encouraging user interaction for an online donation and information platform for Meer Foundation

These and many more eCommerce startups can communicate their offerings on their website through HypeStore™ Themes, making it easy to:

  • Navigate
  • Interact
  • Engage
  • Convert 

So conversion isn't limited to selling but using your themes to encourage users to know, like, and trust your online store with HypeStore™ by:

  • Merging beautiful designs with superb usability
  • Engaging with immersive, high-quality designs
  • Focusing on conversion rate optimization
  • Building on your brand value

And most importantly, it loads quickly.

  • Keeping your conversion rate optimized for sales within the first few seconds since 70% of consumers feel page speed affects their willingness to buy
  • Reducing bounce rate
  • Improving mobile usability

As an eCommerce platform owner, your website performance impacts user experience. To create a positive perception:

  • Identify ways to speed up your site
  • Find ways to boost website traffic without a downtime
  • Improve page load time
  • Ensure adequate site security 

With Cloud-Based Services, you're at an advantage since it's easy to:

  • Manage traffic fluctuations during peaks
  • Support content accessibility
  • Save costs
  • Improve site speed 

HypeCloud brings together the best of Cloud +CDN based performance hosting that:

  • Uses new transmission technology
  • Improved traffic insights
  • Protects your website with secure encryption
  • Website loads faster than your competition every single time

And when you have a website that loads faster,

  • It builds user trust and credibility
  • It takes the prospect further in your funnel
  • Encourages users to explore more through opt-ins, newsletter and offers
  • It covers the entire customer journey, leading to better conversions 

With better conversions, it's easier to scale, attract more traffic and maintain a robust website. That's because:

  • Your website is agile with CDN
  • CDN's are cost effective
  • They help with SEO diverting content load nearest to your user location
  • Leading to exceptional user experience and

It gives you a competitive edge to

  • Expand your product line
  • Extend your reach
  • Meet user expectations irrespective of their location
  • Outshine competitors every time

Signs your online store needs a Cloud + CDN

  • Your website has recurring security issues
  • Poor content delivery experience
  • Repeated downtimes in traffic peaks
  • Slow page loads
Branded Store

Users want a solution to their eCommerce needs. A beautifully branded store for your eCommerce platform acts as a gateway to get people in your funnel. It's the first step that:

  • Builds an immediate liking to your brand
  • Encourages users to explore your website
  • Reflects your company values and beliefs and
  • Mirrors your users' pressing pain points

It's what makes people stick around, research, and get to know how your beautifully crafted store can score well on their usability scale:

  • Talk about their immediate needs
  • Highlight their problems
  • Suggest multiple solutions
  • Position your product as the ideal solution to drive conversions

And you can do this by having a customized site that gives you complete control, flexibility, and scalability to control every aspect of your HypeStore™ with:

  • Advanced customization
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Branded Interfaces
  • User-backed experiences by in-house award-winning HypeStore™  team.
  • Digitization and automation of your branded store

With HypeStore™, your visual design:

  • Brings together the best of design and usability
  • Combines user needs with your required functionality
  • Keeps your prospects on the website longer to move onto the purchase stage
  • Engages people to reach out via your opt-ins, newsletter, and other social channels

Advanced customization empowers your D2C or eCommerce startup to:

  • Lets users filter through their choices quickly
  • Creates positive perception that you know your users well
  • Provides you with detailed customer data for segmentation and personalization
  • Gives you specific data customized to your business

42% of users are likely to purchase from you when you deliver an immersive experience with your branded eCommerce store that is:

  • Welcoming and friendly
  • Sends out a positive vibe
  • Visually striking and relevant
  • Gives users an incentive to spend and be loyal
Sell Globally

An eCommerce platform gives you unlimited potential to attract traffic to your online store and products.

And converting this traffic to paid customers is critical for your store to:

  • Convert passive traffic to active users
  • Identify potential prospects searching for a solution
  • Present your products as the right solution
  • Sell globally

When you partner with HypeStore™ to sell globally on your D2C platform, you can:

  • Attract quality leads to your site
  • Equipped to sell globally to 100+ countries
  • Boost conversions
  • Reduce bounce rate

HypeStore™ puts you on par with other competitors selling globally to over 100+ countries with:

  • Customized eCommerce solutions to sell your products
  • Multiple systems integration
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy Management
  • Effective processes 

Local experiences are critical to your business because they:

  • Allow global prospects to connect with your business
  • Customize user transactions with local currency
  • Be transparent on local taxes

It allows your eCommerce Platform to serve locally by:

  • Targeting specific markets you want to operate in
  • Customizing browsing options like a filter, product descriptions, localized content for your website
  • Focusing on specific high traffic pages from local customers

Irrespective of the location of your eCommerce store, your business has the potential to get high visibility globally.

But tapping this large market locally comes with its challenges:

  • Support for localization in website development, design, speed, and branding
  • Mis-communication and cultural barriers
  • Lack of knowledge of local regulations and their impact

With HypeStore™, you're one step away from getting access to:

  • Seasoned professionals who deal with localization of eCommerce websites
  • Access to eCommerce professionals credited with industry accolades
  • Ability to ideate and innovate on your various eCommerce platforms and their needs.

And when HypeStore™ partners with you, we work together to assess:

  • Your website's potential to localize
  • Elements required to seamlessly execute local experiences 
  • Deep understanding of your buyers and their user intent
  • Translating these insights into actionable tasks 

It's why our clients vouch for our services to sell online and seamlessly deliver local experiences to your buyers globally wherever you sell.

Hype Checkout

Checkouts are a clear indication of a seamless customer experience through your eCommerce customer journey. It's also where you get to elevate the customer experience through:

  • Strong trust signals during checkout
  • Live Chat or support during checkout
  • Upfront information on inventory
  • Clear communication on prices and shipping

But often, in the process of setting up the perfect website, the checkout remains as the last and overlooked step to:

  • Provide multiple payment options
  • Optimize payment process
  • Improve efficiencies

And your website abandoned cart rate spikes. But you can avoid this by optimizing payments using HypeCheckout. With HypeCheckout, you get performance and conversion friendly checkout experiences that include:

  • Easy to use, performance and conversion-optimized checkout pages, with fewer distractions and relevant branding
  • Encouraging product upgrades
  • Allowing customers to shop without leaving the cart
  • Providing multiple payment options
  • Incentivize your customers to complete shopping
  • Add a bonus or gift after the purchase
  • Keep it simple with a simplified one-page easy checkout
  • Collect user information first before completing the purchase
  • Add a limited time offer to the mix
  • Amplify the experience with trust signals – checkout flow, clear pricing, shipping dates, past purchase reviews

These and many such customized checkout experiences ensure your customers keep coming back, leading to:

  • Better traffic
  • Accurate customer journey mapping for your business
  • Better conversions
  • Lower refunds