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Shipping is critical for your eCommerce or D2C business because:

  • It's a sizeable portion of your costs
  • Customers judge your service based on speed, service delivery, and end-product in hand
  • It's a significant investment if you operate globally with international costs
  • Refund or product recall is a loss
  • Scaling is complex if your products aren't reaching the customer at their priority date and time

If your eCommerce business wants to control costs of shipping, then you need to factor in:

  • Your shipping geography
  • The product weights, and costs involved in LTL and LFTL shipping
  • Cost of supplies and shipping
  • Delivery commitment and expense of quick delivery
  • Preferred pick up and delivery points
  • Third-party partners who can reduce costs
  • Discounts of raw materials
  • Different shipping costs

As you operate at different shipping costs, consider:

  • Optimal package and DIM weight
  • Identify the best carrier for your products
  • Negotiating with local carriers for the best price
  • Look out for bulk discounts
  • Insure your products 
  • Engage with multiple providers for optimal pricing

When you work with multiple local and international partners for the best deals, remember to:

  • Pick the best shipping service and product match
  • Past record that matches your service delivery expectations
  • Positive customer reviews on local and international service
  • Difference in pricing for local and international customers
  • Courier tracking ability
  • The pricing model of each potential partner
  • Factor in additional or hidden costs in terms of product specifications or different product category

Power up your shipping with the flexibility for your customers to pick:

  • Standard Delivery
  • Premium Delivery Options (Expedited or Same-Day Delivery)
  • International Shipping
  • Freight or Eco-friendly Shipping
  • Shipping and handling costs as their preference

To cater to local and international shipping, HypeShipping works to connect you with preferred partners by:

  • Connecting you with preferred local partners
  • Sourcing the right international partners 
  • Identifying the best deals for your customers and your business growth
  • Empowering your business with the right tools, team, and eCommerce partners
  • Competitive shipping rates best for your business
  • Picking the best shipping deals for the best delivery options to your customers.
Competitive Rates

Customers choose products or services based on the value-offerings that:

  • Meets their immediate needs
  • Are competitively priced
  • Ensure a smooth transition from intent to purchase
  • Have a clear path to carry out the purchase

And an absence of a clear path leads to abandoned carts that can affect your:

  • Bottom-line and profitability
  • Trust factor with your potential customers
  • Points to high shipping costs that affect the sale

High shipping costs are related to:

  • Changing supplier costs
  • Consumption patterns
  • Supply demand imbalance and 
  • Varying local and international shipping rates

To meet the changing shipping rates, your business offer has to:

  • Present competitive industry rates in collaboration with local and international partners
  • Project the right rates irrespective of the customer location
  • Manage local and international rules on transactions
  • Achieve profitability even while keeping flexible plans for customers

A new or seasoned eCommerce or D2C business gains competitive advantage by:

  • Using strategic price point aimed at the right customer segment
  • Positioning your products as the preferred choice 
  • Directing customers through different sales funnel that map them to the correct delivery partners

With Hype Partners, your business is equipped to:

  • Easily integrate with major shipping providers locally and internationally
  • Supply shipping to global customers at a convenient rate
  • Factor in international costs even while maintaining your bottom line and profit margins
  • Bring in experts to get industry-leading rates for your shipping needs
  • Improve lead time
  • Reduce shipping time, leading to better customer service delivery 
  • With the superior customer service delivery comes returning customers leading to repeat purchase
  • Get real-time insights on shipping costs that will enable you to cater to a wide audience within limited budgets.