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To convert on-the-go customers

  • Swiftly move them from consideration to buying 
  • Provide multiple payment gateways 
  • Ensure a smooth transition through every step
  • Enable payments from various devices
  • Project safe transactions

And when transactions are secure, it attracts customers to:

  • Engage in recurring transactions
  • Spread the goodwill by word-of-mouth
  • Bring in more leads
  • Convert leads to customers
  • Rewards customers through referral discounts and offers
  • Drive recurring revenue through high conversions

When your website attracts high conversions, multiple payments gateways are vital to    accommodate:

  • Global customers from different countries
  • Different charges, fees, and card compatibility
  • Automated payments
  • Seamless payment transactions

And with seamless payment transactions, you're looking at:

  • Better customer targeting
  • Prompt customer service delivery
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Improved customer relationship management
  • Valuable and evolved digital experiences

Enriching digital experiences create an environment of trust that allows your business to:

  • Pick relevant customer data insights
  • Execute personalization in campaigns
  • Bond with customers even as they move through different channels to use your services
  • Guide and nudge them through various appropriate offerings
  • Retain customers through technology-driven, secure, and data-backed optimizations

With automated payments, your eCommerce or D2C business can service and retain customers by:

  • Saving them time
  • Serving superior service efficiently
  • Improving productivity with timely service
  • Using real-time insights to feed the right products to the audience and close the sale with automation
  • Reducing errors
  • Improving conversions

HypePay helps eCommerce stores operate globally so you can

  • Accept payments from your customers from anywhere in the world
  • Provide your customers with a wide range of payment options
  • Empower them with a premium unmatched payment portal
  • Reduce operational costs and manual errors
  • Streamline your internal payment processes
  • Ensure smooth integration with other internal and external systems
  • Encourage a customer-first approach in every decision 
  • Identify areas for recurring transaction potential
  • Setup automation to nurture customers
  • Direct customers to optimized portals
  • Improve communication through live chats 
  • Detect potential bottlenecks 
  • Make it easy to communicate with your brand
  • Provide an excellent 360-degree experience for responsive and proactive service
  • Deliver outstanding service for better conversions, customer loyalty, and brand advocacy
Competitive Rates

A competitive rate in the global market gives your eCommerce business the leverage to:

  • Provide competitive pricing
  • Maintain a healthy bottom-line growth and profitability
  • Be the preferred choice for users in price comparison 
  • Drive revenue in a competitive marketplace
  • Bring in recurring revenue irrespective of the economic conditions
  • Control the switching of customers to competitors
  • Keep a check on market share

Your eCommerce business gets a head-start even if you have a new online business with:

  • Streamlined payment systems
  • Reliable payment partners
  • Accurate currency conversions
  • Clear strategic price points
  • Functional CRM

 When your systems are aligned to meet global customer needs, it's easy to:

  • Segment customers to complete their growing payment needs irrespective of their location
  • Integrate payments locally and internationally
  • Focus on user experience to make decisions
  • Work on all devices and be mobile-responsive
  • Ensure easy movement across your website
  • Set up systems that allow payment flexibility to customers

 And when customers avail these multiple benefits, they prefer to:

  • Transact with your business often
  • Promote your business directly or indirectly
  • Reach out for partnerships or referrals
  • Identify mutually beneficial business opportunities 

Pricing allows flexibility in growing and expanding your business by:

  • Increasing prices to offset raw material costs
  • Decreasing prices to balance low sales numbers
  • Offering discounts and perks for recurring customers
  • Build an audience of frequent buyers
  • Factoring in new product offerings and increased costs
  • Bringing in new collaborations to share the increasing costs and excite your audience with new offers

For your new or existing eCommerce store, Hype Partners bring in the best of competitive pricing with industry-leading rates that:

  • Integrates with multiple payment partners
  • Collects payments locally and internationally.
  • Factors in currency conversions
  • Collaborates with the best third-party merchants
  • Works with an expert team to identify payment flow, fee structures, and seamless customer service delivery
  • Understand your business and payment processing needs and map them to your requirements
  • Identifies payment flexibility and multiple payment options with a customer-centric approach while factoring in data security and safety.
  • Validates customer requirements and details via payment gateway servers
  • Secures customer data considering privacy and confidentiality
  • Controls long payment processing time 
  • Keeps your business ahead of the competition with accurate and relevant pricing details
  • Caps uncontrollable costs and fees