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Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth empowers your business with the highest data-transfer capacity. It makes it easy to scale your business with high-volume traffic. 

And since you're not investing in a fixed data transfer rate, with no per month cap on bandwidth usage, you're looking at incremental growth without paying for additional bandwidth.

When your business has a long-term growth path, you need:

  • Good page speed
  • Faster page load times
  • Optimal website performance
  • Better customer service

With unlimited bandwidth, your business is in a position to:

  • Accommodate more traffic
  • Provide a superior customer experience
  • Avoid downtimes
  • Convert better with more sales

Excellent customer experience begins by making it easy for your customers to access:

  • Your website 24/7 without any delays
  • Move through different web pages without a lag
  • Co-relate the website experience with your offerings

And when your product or service offerings are high on value, they lead to:

  • Recurring website visitors
  • High traffic
  • Low CAC
  • High customer retention

With more significant storage limits, you get to:

  • Expand your reach quickly without any storage limits
  • Target customers with personalized offers at scale
  • Execute multiple campaigns without worrying about traffic spikes crashing your website

Unlimited bandwidth gives you a competitive edge by:

  • Making it easy to integrate multiple systems for growth
  • Set systems in place to serve more orders
  • Keep up with new technologies to enhance your customer experience
  • Automate processes while removing redundant ones

HypeStore™ Unlimited Bandwidth brings together the best of our team performance with:

  • Unlimited bandwidth that optimizes your store performance for excellent service delivery
  • Extends storage limits for scalability
  • It gives you interrupted uptime with load balancing 

Load balancing is critical for your eCommerce store since it:

  • Reduces the burden on one single resource distributing it across multiple resources
  • Engages in optimal resource utilization
  • Improves response time
  • Maximizes output

Benefits of Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Cost-effective and easy to scale
  • Minimizes latency
  • Facilitates better customer services, reducing customer churn
  • Helps in building customer loyalty and retention
Free CDN & SSL Certificate

In 2020, Verizon reported 99% of retail malware attacks targeted customer data, and phishing spiked by 600%. In light of these numbers, it's critical to:

  • Ensure search engines see your eCommerce or D2C store as secure
  • Protect your confidential customer information
  • Avoid financial fraud in your online store

With free CDN & other security features, your eCommerce store can:

  • Send secure signals to search engines
  • Detect security issues swiftly
  • Prevent potential signs of fraud early on
  • Protect customer data, preventing privacy breaches

The security features empower your customers:

  • To look for better trust signs on your site
  • Stay on your site longer to browse and move into the different sales funnel
  • Engage with your site regularly without hesitation

HypeStore™ security features come with:

  • Free CDN that loads your assets like HTML pages, images, videos quickly 
  • SSL Certificates that validate your website as secure
  • Security features that help in search and give credibility to boost SEO performance

When your website has the right set of security features it:

  • Improves recall value
  • It brings in more traffic
  • Encourages people to browse your site frequently
  • Directs people to the right products
  • Increases conversions
  • Strengthens your brand value
  • Gives you a competitive advantage

CDNs and SSL certificate builds trust and credibility, thereby:

  • Attracting the right audience to your website
  • Preventing unregulated access to your website 
  • Securing your confidential site information

Benefits of HypeSecurity features

  • Access to a specialized team in setting and developing your security features
  • The latest powerful security features are in line with industry standards
  • Guidance, setup, and consultation
  • Saves on cost
  • Regular updates
  • Business-friendly

SEO benefits that come with the added security features

  • Quality links & backlinks 
  • Creating linkable assets
  • Optimized content – text, images, and videos
  • Better page load
  • Improved page speed
Instant Upgrades

Instant upgrades save time as compared to standard upgrades because:

  • There is no downtime
  • Your team is not idle during upgrades
  • There is optimal resource utilization
  • Customers have 24/7 access to your website

When customers have 24/7 access to your website 

  • It creates a positive perception
  • Encourages prospects to engage with your brand
  • Builds strong word of mouth
  • It keeps prospects coming back to solve their pain points

When prospects are frequent visitors, they prefer:

  • Instant solutions to their queries
  • No downtime
  • Better user experience
  • Exceptional customer service

Typical upgrades require downtime that puts customers on wait/hold for some time leading to:

  • Switching to competitor websites
  • Making it challenging to retain acquired customers
  • Loss of potential sales
  • Weak customer relationship building

The downtime affects your business performance, and growth takes a hit where you:

  • Pay for fixed resources when idle
  • High traffic volume that doesn't convert
  • Existing campaigns that have to be paused

When you're scheduled campaigns are delayed, it leads to:

  • Impact on KLT factor (Know-Like-Trust)
  • A shift in website rankings
  • Poor conversation rate

With HypeStore™ Instant Upgrades, your eCommerce store is prepared to accept upgrades that are:

  • Instant without any downtimes
  • No development times
  • No campaigns or important projects go on hold during this time
  • Optimal resource utility with our expert team
  • Benefits of Instant Upgrades
  • Adequate business planning without any project gaps
  • No disruption from lead capture to conversion
  • Easy to analyze campaigns within a set timeline
  • Warm subscribers remain engaged without a lag
  • Better customer retention leads to recurring revenue and profits

With higher customer retention, it's easy to

  • Build customer relationships
  • Focus on personalized offerings for customers
  • Automate omnichannel customer journey
  • Reinvest in integrating systems and
  • Increase reach to boost profitability