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Hype Features
Never compromise again

HypeStore™ is an integrated suite of web2 and web3 software creating the ecommerce infrastructure for the world. We enable the power of decentralized web to bring universal access to ecommerce.
HypeStore™ is the most powerful, simple and affordable ecommerce platform. Our powerful APIs, pluggable ecosystem and developer-first approach will help you ship fast, scale faster and build unbreakable relationships with customers. We are a platform of decentralized applications that can be put together in any configuration to create unique user experiences.
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With HypeStore™, your eCommerce business gets a comprehensive solution that's ready to:

  • Embrace a look and feel unique to your business
  • Design that reflects your values and beliefs
  • an eCommerce store that operates beyond aesthetics and brings in profits
  • The backing of a team that understands your business the way you want to
  • Support of growing and nurturing your audience through best-in-class service
  • Backed by the latest technology to support your dream business

HypeStore™ makes your business ready for growth with 

  • High on utility and visually appealing
  • Designed with superior user experience for engagement and conversions
  • Suitable for any industry
  • Customization for your unique products
  • Encourage repeat buying with high recall visual elements
  • Strategic placement of website elements with immersive, high-quality design
Customize Your Design
  • Immersive experiences
  • Branded interface
  • Advanced customization
  • Functionality factoring in user requirements
  • Customer insights to feed your design
  • Segmentation and customization for specific buyer personas
Sell Globally 
  • Convert cold traffic to warm leads
  • Entice them with product promotions through various sales funnels
  • Nurture them with cost-effective, high-quality offers
  • Improve conversions at all touchpoints
  • Customize offerings to sell globally in 100+ countries
  • Easily manage multiple products with a well-setup website system
  • Focus on top-performing web pages, products for quick conversions
  • Delivering optimized local experiences to build a global brand
Dedicated Success Team
  • A team that understands your business needs
  • Provides priority technical assistance
  • Easy platform onboarding and training
  • Growth insights and opportunities
  • Design & User Experience Consultation
  • Custom Feature Development Consultation
  • SEO Consultation
  • Services Coordination
  • Personalized insights
  • Services personalized for your growth stage
  • 100% saving on agency costs
  • Enterprise-grade services
  • Powerful features
  • No downtime in any traffic spike
  • Improves page load time
  • Adequate site security
  • Save costs
  • An agile website with CDN
  • Better SEO results
  • Excellent user experience
  • Higher conversions
  • Live support at checkout
  • Inventory update
  • Price clarity
  • Optimized payment process
  • Multiple payment options for users
  • Better efficiency

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Scale your eCommerce business growth with HypeCloud where you're:

  • Scaling with reliable backup
  • Recovery solutions that remove business vulnerability and secure systems
  • Data is easy to recover 
  • Flexible business operations provide a cushion in case of emergencies or uncertainty
  • Supports innovation
  • Easy to scale with cost-effective solutions
  • Cloud protection with enhanced compliance and security
  • Lower IT infrastructure management
  • Offer multiple services without any hassle
  • Improve existing processes at scale
  • Boosts industry position with better services

HypeCloud helps your business scale with:

Unlimited bandwidth
  • Excellent page load time and page speed
  • Optimal website performance
  • Superior customer service
  • Attract more traffic
  • Prevent downtimes
  • Better conversions
  • Low CAC and high retention
  • Integrate with multiple systems
  • Service more orders
  • Cost-effective
Free CDN and SSL Certificate
  • Secure and safe with your customer data
  • Sensitive data is protected
  • Prevents potential fraud threats
  • Improves trust signals
  • Validates website security
  • Improves recall value
  • Strengthens brand recall and provides a competitive advantage
  • Stops unauthorized access
  • SEO benefits of quality backlinks and better speed
Instant Upgrades
  • No downtime during upgrades
  • No loss of critical work time
  • 24/7 access to your website
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Builds strong credibility
  • Exceptional user experience
  • No impact on existing campaigns
  • Improves KLT (Know-Like-Trust) factor
  • Improves customer relationship
  • Easy system integration

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Embrace analytics in your eCommerce business for:

  • Accurate forecasting
  • Performance measurement
  • Set realistic goals
  • Improve marketing performance
  • Target right customers
  • Identify new business opportunities

With HypeAnalytics, your eCommerce business gets

  • Improve internal processes
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Allocate budgets appropriately
  • Capture appropriate data points
  • Efficient operations management
  • Manage inventory
  • Resolving customer queries promptly
Integrate Google Analytics
  • Track customer behavior
  • Identify product movement and abandoned cart details
  • Track different use segments
  • Detect sales spikes and lows
  • Identify customer purchase cycle
  • Map products to customers
  • Base profitability on data-backed insights
  • Allocate resources based on accurate customer mapping
Measure Ad Performance
  • Easily measure how your campaigns are performing with our tracking tools, reports, and pixel ready pages. 
  • Track CPM, CPC, and CLTV
  • Monitor ad revenue
  • Identify potential customer channels
  • Optimize channels
  • Check for critical metrics to track
  • Identify app conversions, CTR, ROAS, and product margins
  • Map demographics to product performance
  • Assess lead quality to conversions
  • Intuitive interface and multi-segment analysis
  • Access to custom metrics and reports
  • Campaign tools, reports, and pixel-ready pages

Get a headstart with your payment systems for your eCommerce business with:

  • A smooth transition for your customers
  • Payments irrespective of the device type
  • Secure transactions
  • Attract customers from 100+ countries
  • Automate payments
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Relevant customer segmentation 

Hype makes it easy to process payment in your eCommerce business:

  • Streamline your internal processes
  • Make it easy to process payments from different  partners
  • Integrate with multiple systems for payment completion
  • Improved customer support for payment queries
  • Committed to providing you with a wide range of reputed, credible partners with PCI DSS compliance (Levels 1 to 4)
Competitive Rates
  • Get competitive rates and world-class services as Hype Partners
  • Collect payments locally and internationally
  • Factor currency conversions
  • Provide payment flexibility to customers in 100+ countries
  • Data compliance and security features integrated with 
  • Validate customer payments
  • Controls cost and ensure optimal resource utilization

With HypeShipping, customers get access to your service with their preferred method.

Get your Shipping tracked in one place with HypeShipping.

  • Connect with preferred local partners
  • Source the right partners
  • Get competitive rates for value-based pricing
  • Identify the best shipping rates
  • Monitor supplier rates and their impact on your pricing
  • Control costs within your pricing structure
  • Talk about integration with only knows, reliable partners that have PCI compliance etc
  • Committed to providing you with a wide range of reputed, credible partners with PCI DSS compliance (Levels 1 to 4)

Competitive Rates

  • Factor in competitor rates
  • Assess shipping rates for different geographies
  • Get real-time insights for customers from different geographies
  • Improve lead time
  • Superior customer service at competitive rates as Hype Partners
  • Talk about getting competitive rates and better service since they are hype partners

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