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Nasher Miles eCommerce Case Study

How Nasher Miles stood out in a crowded travel and luggage marketplace with a ecommerce website primed for excellent customer engagement and sales


Increase in Orders

Increase in Revenue

Increase in Traffic


To ensure a robust, secure website of the highest standards that creates an excellent first impression for a growing brand like Nasher Miles to make their audience KLT (Know-Like-Trust) and engage with them.

When Nasher Miles came to HypeStore™, they had the vision to let their website speak to their customers - some relatively new to their young brand. What amplified the challenge was the $800 million Indian Luggage Bag industry was rapidly growing but dominated mainly by organized big players in the market with loyal customers.

The end goal was to break traditional consumer perceptions about luggage brands and stand out to feature as the preferred brand of choice.


Create a unique website identity that stands out from the other luggage brands in the market. Ensuring seamless user experience at all touchpoints


Our Solution

Creating a unique brand identity on the website involved giving due attention to:

UI / UX: A clear focus on a good design that was aesthetically pleasing, impactful, yet unobtrusive.

Front End Development: Capturing the sturdy yet stylish nature of Nasher Miles luggage brands in the look and feel of the website, from the layout down to how the user interacts on each page.

Web Technology & eCommerce: Empowering Nasher Miles and their commitment to customer service with the best-in-class technology that drives swift online transaction processing, inventory management, and support for automated data collection.


Ensuring seamless user experience with:

A seamless user experience is closely tied to customized solutions. One that makes it easy for your customers to understand your business, build trust, and buy from you. Nasher Miles came to HypeStore™ to work on customized solutions that were unique to their business and supported their long-term business goals.

Nasher Miles' association with renowned partners meant a robust site that had high traffic and no downtime. A secure website with regular technical support was our priority. Given the rapid growth of Nasher Miles in the last five years, it was vital the website had to sustain growing traffic and user base for better sales. For this, HypeStore™ supported Nasher Miles with Analytics & Insights that allowed them to track users and their behavioral patterns to prime for sales, offer the right products to the right users, and outperform sales

nasher miles logo

"HypeStore™ translated our vision fairly quickly. Our site is aesthetically pleasing and has experienced zero downtime. Once the design approvals were in place, HypeStore™ brought out the best of Shopify and other products in the market. It displayed our products in an attractive manner to increase our sales."

Shruti Kedia
Head of Marketing


 Nasher Miles has fast caught up with the urban customers ready to explore leisure and travel with a cost-effective solution yet that's stylish and durable.

As a highly secure website, it provides Nasher Miles users an effortless, enjoyable, and seamless experience by blending simplicity with usability. It also meets the end goal of having a secure and highly functional website for Nasher Miles.