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Humans of Bombay eCommerce Case Study

How Humans of Bombay (HOB)'s Website Uses Storytelling to Create a Deep Social Impact


Increase in Orders

Increase in Revenue

Increase in Traffic


To deliver superior web design and technology that supports the content for an uninterrupted user experience focused on engagement and low on distractions.


Humans of Bombay (HOB) showcases the stories of individuals that inspire and educate others. Developing their website was about keeping this theme at the core of the website development.

  • To ensure the website interface is simple yet eye-catching without overpowering the core theme of human stories.
  • To provide a seamless experience without any lag/wait time
  • To continue the journey of empowering people without distractions.

Our Solution

Letting users experience a highly user-friendly interface on HOB’s e-commerce merchandise store with a customized theme allowed individuals and their stories to be featured prominently without any impact on image size, picture quality, and the emotional connection with the user.

Delivering high-quality hosting and security enables continuous access to the site that is secure and reliable and builds trust and credibility. It puts the user at ease to browse and stick around for a longer time, thereby improving user time on the website.

Regular website backups, scanning for site speed, and routine fixes ensure the site has prompt and quick technical support. Hype's Analytics & Insights led HOB to understand the stories that resonate with the users, backed by supporting images, storytelling, and an intuitive design.


"The end deliverables received positive feedback, clients and customers liked the design and the e-commerce went up beautifully. HypeStore's quick turnaround time and understanding was impressive. Hype's project management style was very timely, understanding, and communicative."

Sr. Manager
Humans of Bombay


100% uptime, even with a high volume of images on the HOB website, allows users to access the website seamlessly, helping search rankings and keeping the website secure even as traffic rapidly grows.

Another factor that led to continuous accessibility of the website is the presence of only the necessary plugins, thereby protecting the site from unexpected errors or crashes.

HOB shares its stories and journey through its merchandise that's hosted on their shop on the website. This one-stop solution makes it easy for users to get their hands on their favorite merchandise without moving away from the website.