Hype vs Shopify

👔 Web Agency Fees

Web Agency Fees is what you need to pay a professional team of ecommerce experts to set up your website. This is different from the fees Shopify will charge you as their platform fee. Hype does all the Web Agency work for you, from design to consultation to launch setup. Save a minimum of 10,00,000 ($13,000) in Year 1 of your ecommerce operations.  

10,00,000 ($13,000) to 25,00,000 ($34,000)+

✔️ ₹ 0

👩🏽‍💼 Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Managers work with five or fewer clients, ensuring an improved client servicing experience and quality of work. Not only do Dedicated Account Managers guide you in the right direction, but also ensure your store is running smoothly, and growing with timeley insights and planning.

❌No dedicated account manager
(offered by web agencies at extra costs)

✔️Dedicated account manager
(offered Natively in Hype Pro and Hype Advanced Plans)

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✓Dedicated Manager ✓Unlimited Hosting ✓Powerful Features